How to get a discount on your takeaway this weekend!

We do love our food in this house however meal planning, food shopping IS the bain of our lives and is what causes the most arguments under our roof 100%. However, when it comes to deciding whether or not to get takeaway there are very little disagreements… and when we can get a discount on said takeaway everyone is everyone’s friend!

Save on your takeaway!

Last weekend I chose to use JustEat for the first time. I had heard that if you order through them as standard they take an enormous cut and add a lot on the prices in comparison to ordering direct. We usually just call the takeaway shop, order direct and pick up 15 minutes later or so.

Only the other week I notice an article that said you can get a discount on your takeaway when ordering via JustEat using a discount code AND Quidcoso I thought ok let’s give it a try!

I don’t use cashback sites as much as I should; I always think it’s not worth it unless you’re making a bit purchase but every little helps doesn’t it so I really need to make a start and practice what I preach!

I was not a new customer to Quidco but if you are you automatically get £10 cashback if you sign up using my refer a friend meaning you can already take £10 off your next takeaway because as soon as you make your first cashback request (min £5) then you get that too!

Usually our takeaway comes to £19.70 (we order the same thing every time we go!) 🙂

I ordered exactly what we usually get (in fact we ordered an extra garlic bread this time so we would’ve actually saved more!) and it came to £25.60.

Using the discount code reduced it to £21.38 and ordering via the cashback app (taking off another £3.67) reduced the price to less than usual (£17.71) AND we didn’t have to pay for delivery!

JustEat is NOT the way to order your takeaway UNLESS there is an offer like this you’d be silly to not take full advantage of.

JustEat add 40% onto the price of your takeaway when ordering via the app in comparison to going in-store or via the telephone and ordering direct so bare that in mind.

So head over to Quidco now and see what codes and offers are available this weekend.

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